When I was ten I wrote some stories about a girl called Meg Duckworth. Beneath are the characters from Meg's world.

'Meg' appeared as 'Jess' in my children's story The Scrap-work Field. Below are also 'Sylvie' from the same story, 'Grandad' and 'Joe' (who is really called 'Ben') from The Night the Moon Went Out, 'Lucy' from When the Lights Went Out, 'Alice' and 'Grandma' from Grandma's Piano, and the beggar boy from Mr Treschenko the Toymaker, whose real name is 'Jim'.

The stories mentioned above can be viewed by clicking the 'children's stories' icon to the left or you can watch and listen to videos of them on YouTube. Links to the right.

little people

selected illustrations

readings from the novels



  the book of safe-keeping

I talk about the Duckworths on my YouTube channel. Click the images below to view.

War-time family, a la 'Peepo', the Ahlberg's 1981 mini masterpiece:

Meg's Party

Various characters from the Duckworth range star in the children's stories below (click to watch YouTube video versions):

journal of the plague year