'sounding line' - a weighted line, bearing marks to

                                show the length paid out, used for

                                measuring depth, as at sea

'sound' (verb) - to make investigation, seek  

                         information, especially by indirect


                                to go down or touch bottom, as a


                                to plunge downward or dive, as a


I look at the sun

and I look at my knees

my tears unending

I gather the earth

in the palm of my hand

heart unreltenting

I step through the veil

swim into the dark

return to the start

to arrive there

I pass through the cloud

I pass through the fire

I end

I begin

I am made here

little people

selected illustrations

readings from the novels



  the book of safe-keeping



A collection of poetry written for the Bronte Society during the Writer in Residency at Haworth Parsonage, 2016:

journal of the plague year