Apart from the above juvenalia and a poem at Oxford I hadn't written any poems before 2016 (it probably showed!) But I was invited to be writer in residence at the Bronte parsonage at Haworth and whilst there I wrote a collections of poems called Every Sounding Line. Excerpts can be seen below.

I took the photographs that accompany the poems with my iphone and was pleasantly surprised with the results. (Some photographs have been hidden at present as they are taken from the Bronte parsonage archive).

One theme running throughout the collection is miniaturization, a passion for which I share with the Brontes. The short essay 'The Work of Art as Child: Inversions of Power in the Work of the Brontes' which forms an appendix at the end of Every Sounding Line can be read at the foot of this page.

I look at the sun

and I look at my knees

my tears unending

I gather the earth

in the palm of my hand

my heart unreltenting

I step through the veil

swim into the dark

go back to the start

and arrive there

I pass through the cloud

I pass through the fire

I end

I begin

I am made here

little people

selected illustrations

readings from the novels


YouTube video in which I talk about my work as writer in residence at the Parsonage and read from the essay on miniaturisation in the work of the Brontes.