I was raised in a fundamentalist religion and for most of my life didn't have much contact with unbelievers. Initially intending to be a full-time evangeliser when I left school, I applied to university at the prompting of my English teacher and despite disapproval from the religious organization. I read English at Oxford then completed an M.A. by Research at York University.

I made most of the things on this website in my twenties while recovering from a long illness. Part of that work turned out to be three novels: The Land of Decoration (published in 2012), The Professor of Poetry (published in 2013), and The Offering (published in 2015). You can hear me read some excerpts from the novels by clicking the link to the left. The Land of Decoration is currently optioned to be made into a film.

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My literary agent is: Bill.Hamilton@amheath.com

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I am a writer and live in London. I made a living (for a while) by writing novels and reviewing books but have now turned my attention to music. On this site you can explore my novels and some of the other things I've dabbled in along the way - many quite childish, but I like 'childish' things as well as 'serious' ones. The childlike is under-rated!

I reviewed fiction and non-fiction for publications such as the The Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, T.L.S. F.T. and more recently for Boundless, an online literary magazine.

In 2016 I was the writer-in-residence at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, producing a collection of poetry. In 2017 I worked at the Centre for New Writing at Manchester University, giving one-to-one tutorials and seminars to Creative Writing M.A. and some PhD students.

I began writing because of circumstances rather than by choice and now want to concentrate on ways of creating that don't rely so heavily on thinking and knowing; ways that aren't so cerebral. I'm happiest when I'm singing and though it may seem like a radical departure from literature, making music feels like coming back to something that is intrinsically part of me rather than a new venture, though performing in front of people is new. Essentially, I want to break away from anything prescriptive and limits my identity; anything that says I 'am', and 'must' do, or not do, this or that.

I may come back to writing books but if I do it will be in a very different way.

I have a YouTube channel where I talk about books, sing songs and do various other things - all filmed quite badly!

NOTICE: the fonts throughout this website may appear italic or regular depending on your browser; I can't seem to do much to prevent this.